Sand Blasting

  Sandblasting is procedure of smoothing and cleaning a hard surface by driving strong particles over that surface at high speeds utilizing packed air. There are two sorts of sandblasters: "Suction"/"Siphon"" and "Weight" Blast Systems. There are two fundamental sorts of sand blasters: Blast Cabinets and Portable Blasters. Our undertaking utilized the suction/siphon framework in an impact bureau.
 A sandblasting framework incorporates four fundamental parts: the air source, the sandblasting bureau, the residue authority, and the impacting media. The air source is normally bottle gas or an air blower. The sandblasting bureau holds the item being impacted, while the residue gatherer expels dust from the bureau. The materials utilized in sandblasting, regardless of whether sand or not, are alluded to as impact media.
 Sandblasting can expel paint, rust, and buildup from oxidation from materials rapidly and proficiently. Sandblasting can likewise be utilized to change the state of a metal's surface, for example, through evacuating scratches or throwing marks. Sandblasting as a cleaning technique has been broadly utilized for over a hundred years.