Metalizing is a particular procedure inside warm splashing that is applicable to an assortment of ventures. Warm showering includes covering a surface with softened metal covering material for more prominent assurance against rust, consumption, and so forth. Strong material is condensed, atomized, pushed to a substrate lastly re-set into a fortified covering.

  • Step 1: Unloading the Material

    First step is to unload the material with hydraulic crane, if the material’s structured job In case if ithe job is a tank or vessel then it is unloaded by using heavy duty roller.

  • Step 2: Verification of hardware jobs

    In the second stage the hardware of the job (if the job is a tank) are verified. If the hardware is not present along with the job, than the respective note is made on the challan.

  • Step 3: Sand blasting

    Further in the third stage, sand blasting is done on the job as per the specifications of customer .The blasting process is set at 4 kg pressure level. The sand quality ranged between 8 to 10 mesh and SA2 ½.

  • Step 4: Air Cleaning

    In the fourth stage job are cleaned by applying compressor air and finished as per specifications.

  • Step 5: Spray galvanizing

    In the fifth stage the job required an Air Compressor which is of Atlas make CFM 120/7 kg pressure & 100 PSI & Pneumatic Gun, Acetylene, Oxygen & Zinc Wire which goes under an standard process where the zinc wire 3.15mm melts &sprayed on the job . In the first layer 35 to 40 micron thickness is applied, if more coat is required it can be applicable. The Zinc Wire is of 3.15 mm ID its purity is of 99.95% /99.99% in coil Density 7.14 gms/cc, Melting temp .419*c, Elongation 50-75 % Tensile strength 912kg/mm sq Appearance Silver Gary Tolerance on Diameter up to 4.00mm, Surface smooth & bright.

  • Step 6: Inspection

    Inspection of the job is done by skilled job supervisors, and the parameters of inspection are as detailed below Parameters Inspection Tool /gauge Thickness Inspection Alco meter.

  • Step 7: Inspection Report

    Firstly pull up spray galvanizing test is conducted by marking scare on the galvanized surplus .Such scares surface .Further insulation tape is removed .On the removal if the insulation tape carries the spray galvanizing .Visual testing is conducted thereby than on the basis of visual testing and on the basis of above stated internal inspection,a detail report is prepared and submitted to the customers inspection department. Customer inspection department is called for their pre dispatch inspection.

  • Step 8: Inspection by the Customer

    The person from customer inspection department, inspection the job on the site and final inspection report is issued .

  • Step 9: Dispatch of job

    If the job is satisfactory and to the mark set up by the customer, the material is dispatch .